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Servicing & Other Services

Check & Tune

Not a full service, but great for a checkup

£ 35  

Recommended every 3 - 6 months
  • Gears aligned, indexed and fine-tuned
  • Brakes balanced & adjusted
  • Tyres checked for correct inflation
  • Whole bike mechanical inspection

Comprehensive Service

One service fits all


Recommended every 6-12 months
  • Full head to toe mechanical inspection.
  • All inner and outer brake and gear cables changed for new and greased.
  • Gears aligned, indexed, and fine-tuned for crisp, efficient shifting.
  • Brakes balanced & adjusted for optimum power and reliable, easy use.
  • Wheels front and back aligned, trued and tensioned correctly adding strength and reliability to your wheels. Tyres also checked for correct inflation
  • Headset Adjustment check and steering alignment
  • 3 x Component fittings included with service (fittings only, replacement parts are charged in addition)
  •  Service Add-ons:

  • Add a second bike service for just £49!
  • Teflon Cable Upgrade brake or gear cables + £10
  • Headset bearing service + £10
  • Bottom bracket bearing service + £10
  • Wheel bearing Service + £10

Out of the box Build

Let's get it built right, from the start

£ 39  

You only need a good build once.
  • Full pre-build inspection of frame & components
  • Your bike put together and set up ready for use
  • Well bed in your brakes, pre-stretch the cables and reduce the chance of your bike falling out of tune on the first use.
  • Your bike will be put through a 'ground test'. Simply this means it will be extensively tested to ensure it meets safety standards and will not fail.

Repair Services

From £25

Get your bike repaired at home, work, or anywhere you need it. Our minimum callout charge is £25 regardless of the repair and after £25, we charge individually per item fitting/adjustment/etc. All repairs come with a 30-day guarantee guarding you against faulty parts or misadjustments (not that we ever make that mistake! But just in case, your covered). The only thing our guarantee does not cover is accidental damage or reckless damage and after repair punctures. Which we think is fair enough :-)

Have a search through the categories below to find the individual fitting and adjustment prices for any component on your bike.